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StreetFighter?? What is a StreetFighter???
Customizing a cruiser was never a problem. But how about a Sport Bike?
No, we are not talking about building a cruiser out of a Sport Bike. Not at all.
We are talking about highly customized Sport Bikes, a StreetFighter or Cafe Racer.
Aggressive looking with an aggressive riding position, wide handle bars, short tails, mean looking masks / fairings etc..
That is what we are talking about!
The Fighter scene started in the eighties in England, spread quickly over to Germany, then conquered the rest of Europe.
Now it is our mission to promote the StreetFighter scene here in the United States.
StreetFighters Inc. offers masks / fairings, belly pans, tails, handle bar kits and much more, all parts from the top manufacturers in Germany.
Almost everything you need to build your Fighter or Cafe Racer is available right here!
Let's see if you get infected with the Fighter virus.
But we are not limited to naked bikes, we also offer accessories for sportbikes with full fairings like sliders, bar riser kits etc.
Get Infected!

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Monday - Thursday
10.00 - 5.00 PST
Glendale, AZ

To order, please call
Phone: 623-581-1994

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